Tank Gauging Hazard Alert


Learn how to recognize and avoid hazards related to tank gauging, thieving, and fluid handling.

Opening thief hatches of storage tanks can lead to the rapid release of high concentrations of hydrocarbon gases and vapors. Those may result in very low oxygen levels and toxic and flammable conditions around and over the hatch. Recent reports have documented fires or explosions, and described workers experiencing dizziness, fainting, headache, nausea, and, in some cases, death while gauging tanks, collecting samples, or transferring fluids.

Tank gauging, thieving, and fluid handling can be performed safely with proper precautions.


This video describes the hazards associated with manual gauging and fluid sampling on oil and gas production tanks and describes steps that employers and workers can take to do this work safely.

Este video describe los peligros asociados con la medición y el muestreo manual de fluidos en tanques de producción de petróleo y gas y describe los pasos que los empleadores y trabajadores pueden tomar para hacer este trabajo de manera segura.

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