Founded in 2005, the first major initiative of the STEPS Network, the SafeLandUSA Advisory Group is an all-volunteer organization which includes operators, contractors and service companies, industry associations, educators, OSHA and others.

The Energy Training Council (ETC) in Oklahoma, International Association of Drilling Companies (IADC) Rig Pass, and PEC Safety (PEC) are our accrediting organizations.

Each of these organizations have had their full curriculum audited by SLUSA to ensure consistency, and they in turn authorize trainers and/or company programs.


Reduce fatalities, serious injuries and health issues in the US Onshore E&P industry.


SLUSA is designed as a 7.5-hour to 8-hour course with a 100 question test. It is taught in a classroom (no CBT) with qualified instructors and no more than 25 students in a class, and includes a national database with photo id’s for each student. A percentage of the classes and instructors are audited, and instructors not following the standards set forth by the Advisory Group lose their right to provide the course.

SLUSA Syllabus


This course has been credited with helping to reduce fatalities in our industry by OSHA and NIOSH, and those contractors utilizing the program have a significantly lower incident rate.

SLUSA reduces the cost of operating significantly by reducing redundant onboarding costs, but most importantly provides a consistent safety and health message to our workers.

Since 2010, the course has been taught to over 1,080,000 students and around 8000 students are being added per month.

SLUSA is one of if not the most successful training program in US History.

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