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National Ladder Safety Month | March 2018

Presented by the American Ladder Institute (ALI), the only approved developer of safety standards for the U.S. ladder industry.

The “why”: Every life saved is precious

The ALI believes ladder accidents are preventable, but without better safety planning, training and continuous innovation in product design, we will continue to see far too many fatalities. Please join ALI and its members in sharing this message with the world.  

The goals of National Ladder Safety Month are to:

  • Increase the number of ladder safety training certificates issued by ALI

  • Increase the frequency that ladder safety training modules are viewed on

  • Lower the rankings of ladder-related safety citations on OSHA’s yearly “Top 10 Citations List”

  • Decrease number of ladder-related injuries and fatalities

  • Increase the number of in-person ladder trainings

  • Increase the number of companies and individuals that inspect and properly dispose of old, damaged or obsolete ladders

Who are we sharing the message with about National Ladder Safety Month?

Ladders are used everywhere, and therefore National Ladder Safety Month is for everyone.
National Ladder Safety Month will provide materials for safety administrators, insurance brokers, those who use ladders in their professional lives and the everyday consumer who uses a ladder around their home.

What are the promotional areas of focus for National Ladder Safety Month?

We will have different areas of focus that support ladder safety throughout the month of March. Additionally, we will introduce National Ladder Safety Month during the final week of February to plant the seed and encourage participation. Here are the topical focus areas for 2018:

February 25 – March 3 - What is Ladder Safety?
March 4 – 10 - Ladder Safety at Work: Focus on Administrative Professionals
March 11 - 17 - Ladder Safety at Work: Focus on Employee
March 25 - 31 - Ladder Inspection and Disposal
March 18 - 24 - Ladder Safety at Home

What promotional materials will be shared regarding National Ladder Safety Month?

ALI will provide materials to participating organizations, government entities, unions and end-user companies to help promote ladder safety to their members, employees and customers during National Ladder Safety Month.

What can you expect from ALI?

  • Weekly email blasts during National Ladder Safety Month

  • Information regarding the leading causes of ladder-related injuries and how to avoid them

  • Marketing kits, including a variety of quick and easy-to-use tools to help you get the word out

  • Ladder Safety Training videos:

  • National Ladder Safety Month website:

  • Partners and sponsors of National Ladder Safety Month noted on all communication channels

How can your company participate in National Ladder Safety Month?

  • Become a National Ladder Safety Month sponsor and review the prospectus here

  • Host a ladder safety training event

  • Put up posters around your workplace

  • Include information about National Ladder Safety Month and your involvement in employee/customer newsletters and emails

  • Perform product inspections and dispose of bad ladders at work and at home

  • Encourage employees to earn their Ladder Safety Certificate and become a Safety Ambassador through ALI’s Ladder Safety Training website:

  • Contribute to the conversation on social media: #laddersafetymonth

  • Provide ladder safety information on digital monitors throughout your workspace

  • Issue a press release on how your company is participating in National Ladder Safety Month

  • And more…the possibilities are endless! Make sure to keep us informed on what you’re planning:

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